Game-Changing Partnership: Smokeslinger™ Direct Heat Smokers and SmokerBuilder® Join Forces for Unmatched BBQ Excellence

Game-Changing Partnership: Smokeslinger™ Direct Heat Smokers and SmokerBuilder® Join Forces for Unmatched BBQ Excellence


***Smokeslinger™ Direct Heat Smokers and SmokerBuilder® Forge Powerful Partnership***

[Kaufman, TX] – In a landmark move that signals a new era in the world of outdoor cooking, Smokeslinger™ Direct Heat Smokers and SmokerBuilder® have officially joined forces. As of January 1st, 2024, SmokerBuilder® is proud to announce its designation as the master distributor for the innovative Smokeslinger™ Direct Heat Smokers.

This strategic alliance brings together two industry leaders, each renowned for their commitment to excellence and passion for transforming backyard barbecues into unforgettable culinary experiences. The collaboration capitalizes on Smokeslinger's cutting-edge manufacturing technology and SmokerBuilder's unrivaled expertise in the smoker industry.

Smokeslinger™ Direct Heat Smokers have revolutionized the art of smoking, offering enthusiasts a state-of-the-art solution that combines precision engineering with user-friendly design. The smokers are known for their direct heat approach, ensuring even cooking and unparalleled flavor infusion. With this partnership, SmokerBuilder® will now be the primary source for Smokeslinger™ products, providing customers with enhanced accessibility and support.

"We are thrilled to unite with Smokeslinger™ Direct Heat Smokers," said Frank Cox, Founder at SmokerBuilder®. "This collaboration allows us to offer our customers an unparalleled smoking experience. Smokeslinger's commitment to innovation aligns seamlessly with our dedication to providing top-notch products for barbecue enthusiasts."

This partnership not only consolidates the distribution network for Smokeslinger™ but also promises a host of benefits for customers, including streamlined access to products, dedicated customer support, and an expanded range of accessories and add-ons.

"We are confident that this collaboration will elevate the Smokeslinger™ experience for our customers," remarked Dustin McCormack, Founder at Smokeslinger™. "SmokerBuilder's expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction make them the ideal partner as we continue to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of smoking."

As SmokerBuilder® takes the reins as the master distributor, customers can expect a seamless transition with uninterrupted availability of Smokeslinger™ Direct Heat Smokers through SmokerBuilder's distribution channels.

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