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Smoke Slinger

The Mini-Smokeslinger™

Rated Excellent ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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Direct Heat Cooking At It's Finest 🔥

✔ Charcoal Grill over Direct Heat! 🥩
✔ Cook over live fire or with indirect heat using removable heat diffusers. Smoke low and slow like an offset smoker using the baffle plates. 💪
✔  Create Different Temps on Each Side or Even Temperatures! 🌡️
✔ Maintains Steady Temperatures in Wind! 🌀
✔ Modular design allows for adding future accessories and makes replacing parts simple! ⚙️
✔ Easy Learning Curve! 🤓

Overall dimensions are 24 inch deep by 30 inch wide and stands 40 inches tall!
Weighs approx 500 Pounds
Built using laser cut 1/4″ thick steel
All materials sourced from USA manufacturers and built in Kaufman, TX
Stainless Steel Hardware
5″ x 2″ Steel Casters – Industrial Grade 1000 Pound Capacity
SmokeSlinger Thermometer Manufactured by Tel Tru

Heat diffuser for indirect heat cooking/smoking
Baffle plates – used for indirect smoking
2 D rings: 1 on left and 1 on right side for transportation tie down
2 inch thick insulated lid
Includes high temp oven seal – no air leaks , precise airflow, and temperature control
2 upper and lower grates
1 slide out tray for wood/charcoal
Easy to clean using drain located on bottom.
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